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  • Paul Riley

TromBobby Shares Captivating New Single "LONGING"

4 years ago Bojidar Vasilev, better known as TromBobby, embarked on a journey that’s both solo and packed with friendships. On his upcoming EP, PAUSE VOL.1, Bojidar, now 27, focuses his attention on neo-soul, jazz and R&B elements, going beyond sampling and with special attention placed on live instrumentation and vocals as a production element.

On the new record TromBobby manifests the 4 years of exploration and love for collaboration with friends and same-energy people. That leads him to crossing paths with Jermaine Holmes, who has been an active member of the group The Vanguard since 2012 with artist D’Angelo. Their 2 collaborative tracks “LONGING” and “TONY’S LAMENT” don’t only cross borders, but genres and sensations.

The first of those tracks, "LONGING", is released today and is a smooth, soulful masterpiece that draws you in on the first listen. Littered with captivating vocals, interesting instrumentation and strong melodies, it certainly whets the appetite for the rest of the project. Fortunately, we won't have to wait for too long as the full EP is due for release on April 21st.

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