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Tycho Jones releases euphoric alt-pop anthem 'Risk to my Reward'

Tycho Jones creates music just as catchy and fun-filled as the name envisages. After a year out to recuperate, they have followed up on the success of the spellbinding debut album 'Tychonaut' with a brand new batch of stunning alt-pop for his existing fans and new to explore and sink their teeth into.

The first instalment of this new found plethora is 'Risk to my Reward'. Playful rhythms immediately fill the air in this one, where the alt-pop wonder deep dives into the indie sphere, reminiscent of early Jamie T in some moments. It's upbeat yet holds a laid-back and chilled vibe, further highlighting Tycho's ability to capture a singalong song so eloquently.

"Risk to my reward is about the thrill of the chase — the pursuit of a dream, a lover, a friendship. Taking the risks necessary in order to progress and grow.”

It's cool music, and Jones absolutely owns it and is in their element in what is a catchy, percussion-led track that takes you straight there from the off. The London artist is rue to make quite a statement in 2023 with a lot in the pipeline, and what a way to start the year off.

Stream 'Risk to my Reward' here:

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