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Vargen shares immersive storytelling single ‘CAESAR’

Crafting a tale inspired by Julius Caeser, Vargen has released a new single, aptly named ‘CAESAR’. The track arrives soon after his debut album of original work, a self-titled soirée beyond his Bob Dylan interpreter origins. Continuing to harness the sounds of folk with a gritty edge, the new single is built on layers of bright and easy-going melodies, an enduring contrast to the darker lyrical themes Vargen speaks to. ‘CAESAR’ is gracious and elegant, and an exciting new avenue of creative songwriting for the artist.

Photo by Simon Lautrup

Vargen shares, ”CAESAR tells a story filled with symbolism and introspection and delves into themes of power, betrayal, and self-awareness, exploring the complexities of relationships and personal struggles. I tried to express what could have been going on inside this historical icon of tyranny.”

Hailing from Sweden, Reine Johansson has carved a reputation for infusing his music with mystery and raw emotions. Going by Vargen, the artist brings varied musical origins of classic rock and punk into a gentle and intricate soundscape of folk. Acclaimed by the indie press for his work, the artist continues to find new inspirations.



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