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Watersdeep to Release Single "Sweet Dreams of Self Deprivation" off New EP "Fading Lights" 7/28

Credit: Kevan Record

Emo/post-hardcore group Watersdeep is back with their latest single, “Sweet Dreams of Self Deprivation,”, set for release on July 28th. The track is a highlight from their EP, Fading Lights, available for streaming on the same day. With their classic angst and energy, strong vocals and heavy guitars give way to orchestra samples and experimental effects. Lyrics are described as addressing, “the concept of turning to destructive coping mechanisms during difficult times, and how it can lead to vicious cycles of pain, anguish, and suffering.” Anabelle Iratni (ex Cradle of Filth) is featured on vocals and orchestration. It is high quality metalcore at its finest - a likeness to Ice Nine Kills, Senses Fail, A Skylit Drive, Blessthefall, My Chemical Romance is evident.

Based in Washington, D.C., Watersdeep is composed of Gabe Jaar (lead vocals), Rohan Enamandra (guitar and backing vocals), Brandon Jones (guitar), and Ize Ryan (bass). With a myriad of influences, they fit well into the modern hardcore scene while still paying homage to the emo bands of yesteryear. In 2020, Alt Press lauded them as “a powerful up-and-comer in the alternative emo scene.” Their EP Fading Lights also features recent single “The Sadness in Her Eyes,” which was praised by Alchemical Records for its poignant take on depression. Other standout tracks include “Let It Burn” and its acoustic counterpart, which was a favorite of the group’s friend Claire who passed away last year. It was included on the EP in her memory.

“Sweet Dreams of Self Deprivation” was produced and mixed by the group at Enamandra’s house. The idea for the track was conceived by Enamandra after toying with his 8 string guitar, making it the first 8-string recording for Watersdeep. The concept of the song, “a wake up call for anyone who feels that they are holding themselves back from living their best possible life,” reflects the core of the group’s agenda. They provide their audience with an outlet for their frustrations, ultimately sending a message of hope.

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