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Worlds Part unleash their unique melodic dubstep style in 'Into The Night'

Electronic truly shows no limits, and this is truly defined by Worlds Apart. This trio continue to emerge from the shadows and produce simply stunning and innovative sonics that lovers of all will appreciate and feel connected by. Their latest release features brilliant vocals from Lesperado, who dynamically sets the scene in what is a beautiful minute plus in 'Into The Night'.

You can immediately hear why they have hold unique take, in this explorative and melodic dosage of dubstep that you wouldn't usually hear within the EDM sphere. Worlds Apart have truly nailed it though, and this track incorporates the heaviest of drops that will appease those who love an ultimate switch of tempo and feeling. 'Into The Night' is brilliantly executed, and World Apart go into 2023 with their heads already very high.

Listen to 'Into The Night' in full here:

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