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Yodashe explores an innovative world on new single 'Visualization'

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

When London's Yodashe first introduced herself with her breakthrough debut single 'Take Time' back in 2020, she instantly stood out as one of the more adventurous names on the scene. Brimming with broad and innovative textures as often as possible, she has been recently getting herself back into the groove again as she drops her captivating new offering 'Visualization'.

Adopting more of that vibrant alt-pop flair she is known, reminiscent of early FKA twigs, her latest outing is this wonderfully bold and enigmatic delight. Starting off with a warm and illuminating atmosphere, 'Visualization' quickly shifts gears halfway through, seeing out its time as a thunderous club anthem, oozing with haunted tones at every turn.

While she has spent plenty of time innovating her sound this past year, 'Visualization' shows that she is more than ready to get back out there and deliver many more memorable gems. With this unbridled sense of creative energy throughout her work to date, Yodashe is definitely someone we need to keep close tabs on for the future.



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