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YOUNGTONES’s happy-go-lucky new album will uplift your spirits.

A retro-pop/soul band’s YOUNGTONES members have been around music for a while. After years of touring as a solo artist and working on the other side of the music business, singer-songwriter Luke discovered that his own music had taken a backseat. The artists then founded YOUNGTONES, a duo comprised of producer Matt Young (Vacationer/Body Language) and Luke, who is at the vanguard of singer-songwriter influence, to renew his love for crafting exciting music. YOUNGTONES' sound is both recognisable and original, drawing inspiration from a variety of 1960s and 1970s Soul and RnB genres, and the band's new self-titled album is full of exquisite, sweet melodies and buttery voices, and all of the 14 tracks, packed with feel-good energy and positive vibes will have you dancing in no time.

Speaking on the new project, YOUNGTONES revealed: “Leaving music and finding joy in it again, that’s the story of these songs and this project. There’s a lot of joy in this music for me. After years of touring as a solo act, I was really burned out. I started working in music and not on music. I took a job casting talent for NBC/Universal Television in the US on shows like The Voice, Eurovision, Songland, and a number of others that never made it to air. I also took a job doing digital marketing for other bands. Helping and watching others get closer to their dreams, all the while, not sure if I had it in me to put myself back out there to start moving towards mine. I guess, sometimes you have to stop doing something to figure out why you have to do it... and that is what happened with music for me. The fire grew and grew and I realized I had to do it... The key to unlocking that passion was unlocking the joy, and, for me, it was all about realizing that you can take music that is fun, seriously. My partner on this Project, Matthew Young taught me that... "You don't' have to break someone’s heart with a song to connect with them." You can create a place with music everyone can escape to together... a pulse you can all move to together, and am so excited to share that experience with as many people as I possibly can.”

YOUNGTONES' rekindled passion for music has landed them atop a wonderful collection of material that will undoubtedly brighten your day. The self-titled album is now available!

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