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Yucky Poor drops new single "Ball N' Chain"

Hailing from South Florida, Yucky Poor (born Jordan Abramowitz) began making music in 2015, self-taught through the internet before ultimately transitioning to creating a unique brand of pop music.

With his distinct nasally yet heavenly voice, Yucky Poor is often cited for his deeply vulnerable and existential lyrics, using songs as a cathartic canvas to paint his emotions. With a wide range of influences from Krautrock band like CAN to The Drums to Kanye West, Yucky subconsciously seeps into his self-produced tunes. Today, he has dropped a banger with "Ball N' Chain".

Ball N’ Chain is about seeing people you care about leave your life, realizing codependence is unhealthy, accepting these changes and trecking forward regardless. - Yucky Poor

Self-produced and with a diary entry-esque lyrical delivery, Ball N’ Chain tackles feelings of codependence and abandonment, and how one copes with these issues. The new single marks a departure from Yucky's past discography of emotive rap and R&B and into a brand of alt-pop and rock that I predict will take Florida by storm. Yucky Poor delivers DIY alt pop straight from his bedroom to you, and I'm excited to see what's in store for him in 2021.

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