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5 Songs I Love w/ Justin Bigart

Following the release of his latest single 'Angel' which is taken off his upcoming album ‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’, we caught up with alternative-rock artist Justin Bigart to find out more about what goes into his eclectic sound, from alt-rock to gospel and everything in between. If you enjoy Justin's picks be sure to check out 'Angel' at the end of the article.

1. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

"I think it’s safe to say that these words by Leonard Cohen are some of the most beautiful ever written. Sprinkle in Jeff’s vocal performance, a delicately fingerpicked electric guitar and drench the whole thing in haunting reverb...and, it’s a masterpiece in my opinion."

2. RY X live from Lencois Maranhenses National Park, in Brazil for Cercle

"Beautiful sounds in a fantastical setting. Place influences my creativity and art dramatically. I use this performance (audio & visual) as the benchmark in blending music and environment to create a moving cinematic experience."

3. Radiohead - The Numbers: Jonny, Thom & a CR78

"Stripped back Radiohead and a reminder that great songs work in different ways. Two

complimentary guitar parts plus a drum machine and some falsetto by the sea. Beautifully

simple and emotional. Capped off by Thom’s quote, “Probably..?...” I love everything about it."

4. Joshua Homme - Spinning in Daffodils

"Laid back and cool. Hard to beat this stripped-down acoustic performance of a big rock song. I’m always thinking of ways to capture a big sound in the studio but still be able to perform an interesting version of the song live as a solo singer-songwriter...whether on the stage or just around a campfire. This is one of my favorite examples on how to pull that off while maintaining a rock and roll vibe and attitude."

5. Hermanos Gutiérrez - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

"This came out yesterday and I’ve had it on a loop since. So. Incredibly. Cool. In every way. The light and shade, the rhythm, the melodies. The emotional journey with no vocals. And, they have a vibe. Don’t they? Sitting down. That painted Gretsch with old nickels as knob covers. The whole thing is just incredibly cool with a quiet confidence."

Watch Justin Bigart - 'Angel'


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