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5 Songs I Love w/ Robbi Niles

Born on the tropical paradise island of Barbados, Robbi Niles began his musical journey at three years old when he started to play the tenor steel pan. Since that time, he has explored several instruments, including the saxophone, piano, drums and guitar. Now a competent guitarist, composer, lyricist and producer, Robbi has established a fanbase with his distinctive sound and catchy hooks, as can be heard on his brand-new single, “Havana”, which explores the soulful sounds of Afrobeats and Afro house.

With such great musical talents, we wanted to delve into the music Robbi listens to. Here are 5 songs he loves and why...

Always Never – "Wylin'"

I am a huge fan of dark R&B, and for me, this track "Wylin" captures the essence of this genre. The moody lyrics talking about substance abuse and losing your significant other, mixed with a heavy synth bassline and a driving beat takes you to another place. I would love to work with Always Never one day.

Volumes – "Bend"

I have always been a fan of rock and I have been following this band for many years. When I got notification that they were dropping a new song I immediately added it to my playlist. I love the heaviness of the guitars and the hard-hitting drums mixed with smooth R&B-style vocals. The lyrics are very deep and inspirational, reinforcing that whatever life throws at you should never make you bend.

BZ – "2G's"

I discovered this song while watching one of my favourite shows, Top Boy on Netflix. When I heard this song, I immediately Shazamed it and added it to my playlist. Having lived in London, I am a big fan of grime. I love BZ's delivery and flow. Plus, the beat is amazing. I would definitely recommend people to check this song out.

Don Toliver – "Private Landing (feat. Justin Bieber and Future)"

I am a very big fan of Don Toliver and I love his new album, Love Sick. When listening to the album, this song resonated with me because I absolutely love the collaboration among three of my favourite artists. I love the simplicity of the beat and how all three artists performed on it. When these three artists are involved, the result can only be a hit!

Skillibeng – "Short Skirt"

What's life without dancehall? The genre is huge in my country, Barbados, and the wider Caribbean. I first discovered this song on YouTube and noticed that it took a while for it to get on Spotify. Skillibeng is a young Jamaican up-and-coming dancehall artist that has been dropping hit after hit in the genre. This song slaps hard in the clubs and is a favourite with my friends.

Listen to Robbi Niles' new single "Havana" below:

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