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5 Songs I Love w/ COLL

Rapper, producer and songwriter based in Norwich, COLL, has recently unveiled his latest endlessly dynamic track, 'L8 Nights'. Serving as the first release from his upcoming mixtape Blue Magic 3, 'L8 Nights' is a stylish Hip-Hop number with a catchy chorus and unrelenting verses.

We caught up with COLL earlier this week to find out his favourite tracks, here is what he had to say...


I always like to listen to this song whenever I need some motivation and inspiration. I can relate to every single lyric. I also try to listen to music like this as it has a purpose and a message.

Loaded Bases - Nipsey Hussle

Always loved the way that Nipsey Hussle preached self motivation, dedication and self belief. It helped me think more positively and think different when making decisions. The song sounds good and always makes me feel good.

Alicia Keys - In Common

I've always been a big fan of Alicia Keys and when I heard this song, it made me want to make more music. The song has a feel good vibe and it's something I want to put across in my own music. I also like what she stands for as an artists.

Aloe Black - I Need Dollar

This song make me happy everytime I hear it, its simple and straight to the point and his vocals are amazing it motivates me to get that dollar.

Bonus Answer

Not a song but other people in my life or around me, that are working hard and doing the best they can so they can live their best life inspire me. They always inspire me to do more and not to worry too much in life. Other artists inspire me too, sometimes I hear a song from a new artist and it inspires me to make music and to experiment with the production element.

Check out COLL's latest release 'L8 Nights' below:

You can follow COLL on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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