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5 Songs I Love w/ Sara Jackson-Holman

With her latest single 'Beep Beep Bitch' currently working its way around the new music circuits, LA-based artist Sara Jackson-Holman clearly has a mixed and diverse taste when it comes to music. With her newest offering filled with nods to hip-hop, RnB, and pop throughout, we thought we'd find out where she got her eclectic sound from.

So she has compiled a five-track playlist that best sums up her and her influences over the years.


'Bitch Better Have My Money' - Rihanna

I love all of Rihanna, ANTI is up there with my fave all time albums, but BBHMM is truly one of my favorite songs of all time. The delivery, the sentiment, the production. It’s just so hard and fucking cool. 

'Malamente' - Rosalia

When I first heard Rosalia in 2018, it was love at first listen. Her voice is so captivating, it stopped me in my tracks. So much feeling, so immediate and broken open, it’s one of my favorite voices ever. Also a style icon. Truly obsessed with her.

'A Lot’s Gonna Change' - Weyes Blood

I’d play this song on repeat this last year, pre-pandemic. It was a sort of balm for me as I went through the fallout of a huge relationship loss. “if your friends and your family sadly don’t stick around, it’s high time you learned to get by, cause you got what it takes, in your lifetime.” I’d roll the windows down and let the air dry my tears as I cried to it. It would end and I’d start it again. What a sweet, sweet space she gave us to inhabit with this song! It feels like a generosity, a space to grieve loss and also feel a tenuous hope at the same time. 

'Etude' - Joep Beving

A friend introduced me to his music and I’ll forever be grateful to her! Really gorgeous melodies that gives me the feeling of Erik Satie which is to say, my favorite kind of piano music. Sparse, pensive, gentle, and dreamy, the Solipsism album is one of my go tos. 

'Toxic' - Britney Spears

I think it’s just the perfect pop song. I wasn’t allowed to listen to Britney when I was a kid but there was no stopping this song from getting embedded into my consciousness. It was everywhere! I ended up getting obsessed and diving deep into her catalog/music videos at the old age of 21 or so lol. Better late than never! Toxic is fun, but also minor—I love the chord progression, and every single part is an absolute hook. Also lucky enough to see her perform this in Vegas. I have the souvenir cup still!


Listen to her choices as well as her latest single 'Beep Beep Bitch' below.



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