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5 Things We Love About Summer w/ Filistine

Following on from the release of their new track, 'Summer', we had a chat with Bavarian three-piece powerband Filistine and asked just what it was that they loved so dearly about summer. Find out more below:

1. It's hot. Summer in Bavaria means high temperatures and forces you to eat ice cream and go out swimming.

2. Warm nights. Parties and chill-outs with friends, concerts and festivals can be done late at night. Special Mood.

3. Festivals. Summer season means festival season. During summer there are plenty of concerts and festivals in Germany, we love it.

4. Beer in the sun. There´s nothing like drinking a fresh Bavarian beer in the sun.. mhh!

5. Camping and travelling during summer means that you can stay wherever you like. Freedom at its finest.

Make sure to check out the music video for Filistine's latest single 'Summer' below:

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