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AVANCE delivers his explosive brand of futuristic dubstep in 'GRAVES FULL' EP

Renowned Australian DJ and producer AVANCE is fiercely carving his niche as one of the most exhilarating acts in bass music today. Armed with a collection of powerful releases, AVANCE is celebrated for infusing the dubstep genre with a heavier, darker essence that captivates audiences worldwide. Now, the Sydney-based artist raises the bar even higher with his magnum opus, the 'Graves Full EP.'

Tracks that simply bend the mind and create whole new sonic landscapes is exactly what AVANCE has done with tracks like 'MORBID MIND' and 'BULLETS', where he transmits and implements his unconventional yet exhilarating dubstep sound. It invites listeners on an awe-inspiring sonic journey characterised by meticulous sound design and irresistible dubstep beats that transcend beyond the norm.

Comprising four captivating tracks, each showcasing a collaboration with esteemed artists SISTO, Claymore, Sam Lamar, and Nosphere, this EP delves into the depths of darkness while imbuing a futuristic allure. Each offering boasts an unapologetically sinister theme, amplified by intense, hard-hitting soundscapes that ensnare the senses.

Stream 'GRAVES FULL' EP here:


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