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Bleu Clair returns with electrifying tech-house anthem "Shake What Yo Mama"

Bleu Clair is simply an enigmatic tech house maestro, and stands tall in the electronic music realm with an impressive 50 million Spotify streams and a dedicated following of 450,000 monthly listeners. Recognised for chart-topping hits like "Have Me All," which clinched the #22 spot on 1001Tracklist's Top Producer list, Bleu Clair has garnered support from heavyweights including Skrillex, DJ Snake, and Diplo, solidifying his impact on the global music stage.

His return to 2024 is marked with another belter in "Shake What Yo Mama". The track delivers an exotic and primal precision, harmoniously layered with a classic house vocal that's sampled, looped, and integrated with finesse. The drop unleashes hard synths, propelling the experience to an unpredictable yet thrilling place. Bleu Clair's ability to fuse precision with creativity makes "Shake What Yo Mama" a testament to his continued influence and mastery within the tech house realm.

His music constantly transcends the ordinary, resonating on a profound level with millions. Infused with hypnotic basslines, inventive vocal samples, and contagious club melodies, Bleu Clair's releases carry a distinct style that forges a deep connection with his audience. Bleu showcases once again that he is one of the best around on the EDM circuit, so check out "Shake What Yo Mama" and see for yourself.

Stream "Shake What Yo Mama" here:

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