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Originally from London, Dr Jaymz is pioneering an individualistic sound in the dance scenes of Boston, USA. On a mission to deliver a message of hope and love to the younger generation, Dr Jaymz has a likeness of pioneering artists like Tiesto, David Guetta & Calvin Harris. Throwing down from the pulpit with music as his rod of salvation, previous releases have been broadcast on BBC Essex and local radio stations across the US, UK and Europe. Accumulating an unprecedented following , Dr Jaymz is preparing to make new waves with his authentic new release, ‘ALL TO YOU’.

Finding inspiration from one’s own philanthropic endeavors, first-hand experiences have aided the feel-good atmosphere intended from this pop tune. From providing education for thousands of students in India, to relief work in Pakistan, this track emphasizes the passion Dr Jaymz projects, emitting his appreciation for a proactive and selfless society. With his only regret being how delayed his participation in missionary work was - as a later chapter in his life - it is clear ‘ALL TO YOU’ is an anthem for hope.

My goal is to continue releasing music that conveys a message of love to all generations, but especially the younger generation. I would also like to collaborate with established artists and help others who wish to start out in their music careers


People are going through many struggles right now, our world is overwhelmed with catastrophes, war and disaster. Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression. Music is a way to cope, escape and evolve from such negativity, and communicate hope with listeners. To achieve this, uplifting sound designs were a key feature of the track - utilizing synth arpeggios developed to create a musical hook. Whilst the lyricism is fundamentally a timeless pop melody that will get stuck in your head, they convey the narrative of taking the listener on a journey of healing.

How has your lived experiences shaped the way you view, curate and collaborate on music? How has this resonated in the lyricism of the track?

My faith in Christ is probably the single biggest influence on my music and collaborations. I want my songs to reflect my own life experiences and how I’ve overcome challenges through faith. We all go through dark times, but we should never remain there. My faith tells me that no matter the struggle or pain, Jesus is the answer, he alone saves us. Hence, every song I produce is like a musical sermon that refocuses people from the problem to the solution.

‘ALL TO YOU’ has a real flare to it! How do you think this track will be received within these more club/dance genres? What subcultures stem from producers with faith like yourself?

The song sounds very Pop / Dance. I don’t believe its gospel lyrics will faze dance and club DJ’s from playing it because it ticks all the right production elements in terms of hook, feel, vocals, arrangement, and sound design. Like me, there are many electronic dance producers and artists emerging now who are Christian. Although ‘Christian EDM’ is a relatively new subgenre, if you search on Spotify, you’ll see a plethora of new names exploding onto the scene.

In what sense do you think music can convey emotion and portray a story? What do you think it is about your music that resonates with your existing audiences?

Music is the universal language of the world. It doesn’t even need lyrics to send you on a journey that triggers memories and emotions. But put lyrics to music, and you can direct people to a specific place, conceptually and emotionally. It’s a powerful force in the world that can be used for good or for bad. I use it for God. Lyrically, the way I try to connect with people is by describing their pain. Pain resonates with everyone because pain and suffering is part of the human experience. But when I write about pain, I don’t want to leave people wallowing in their pain. That helps no one. I want to alleviate their pain. That is the essence of gospel music, and is the essence of my music. It’s a compassionate approach.

For potential new listeners as a result of this release, what would you like to say to them? How would you describe yourself as an artist and genre?

If people like this release, I would ask them to follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., as I have more dope music on the way. They should also follow me on YouTube and all my other socials as I keep audiences engaged with encouraging posts and videos to help them overcome life’s challenges.

Any recommendations? It can be an artist to check out, a venue to visit, or a project to give a follow!

I thoroughly recommend watching WhatTV, a YouTube network that is transformational. Its content provides answers to 'what' people are looking for through a Christian worldview, using vlogs, gaming, sport, lifestyle and family shows. A lot of my videos are streamed through WhatTV, but it also has a lot of other cool presenters that audiences will find inspiring.



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