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Ex Medias unleashes their most diverse body of work yet in 'WE ARE EX MEDIAS IV'

Ex Medias marks their creative territory with an explosive fourth installment in their renowned compilation series. This collective powerhouse showcases 15 tracks in their latest release, a testament to their artistic camaraderie and kaleidoscopic talents that extend across genres, solidifying their unity as a creative force.

Able Grey and MEDYK kickstart the sonic voyage with "I Need Your Love," an emotive bass-driven anthem that delves into the depths of electronic emotion. JWILLI follows suit with "It's Not That Easy," a contemplative piece weaving poignant drum and bass elements into a soul-searching narrative.

Diving deeper into the collection, Free Apollo’s "Everything You Want VIP" injects robust drum and bass beats, setting the stage for FLYNNINHO’s "TEAR THE CLUB DOWN," a relentless riddim-infused track escalating the adrenaline.

House influences take center stage with Jon Alfaro & Yorii's "Anxious" and Blk Out’s "Something About You," exuding smooth piano melodies and classic vibes. Fourth Co.’s "Designed & Engineered" follows suit, diving into timeless house rhythms.

The compilation ventures into tech house with Djorgiou & PsychE's playful "Monster" and DJ GOOSE's brooding "Dark Clouds," a minimalistic drum and bass opus.

As the anthology nears its conclusion, Phrequency's "TEAR IT DOWN" and HASHBBC's "Bust It Underground" ramp up the energy with electrifying riddim and dubstep beats. 80/40 seals the journey with "Obsessions," a captivating blend of electro and mid-tempo elements, leaving listeners fulfilled and craving more of Ex Medias’ sonic universe.

Stream 'WE ARE EX MEDIAS IV' here:

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