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Finnish trio Aves share beautiful new record 'Transformations' with stunning lead single and video 'Not Go Home' featuring Lake Jons

Hailing from Helsinki, the trio Aves—comprising Eino, Juntti, and Antti—unveils their profoundly personal and immersive album, "Transformations." This release marks the culmination of the band members' individual journeys, delving into themes of mental health, addiction, and the profound changes that shape our lives. With collaborations featuring esteemed artists like JFDR and Lydmor, and production credits from the likes of Jonas Verwijnen and Luca Buccellati, Aves crafts a sonic journey that seamlessly blends electronic pop with introspective lyricism.

"Transformations" embodies a sleek and expansive Nordic pop sound, characterised by ethereal synthesisers, soul-stirring vocals, and meticulous production. Aves' signature fusion of retro futurism and contemporary sensibilities infuses each track with a sense of nostalgia and innovation. Through their music, the band explores the inevitability of change and the resilience required to navigate life's complexities.

The focal point of the album, "Not Go Home," encapsulates the overarching theme of embracing transformation. With its haunting melody and introspective lyrics, the song evokes a sense of longing and introspection. The accompanying music video, directed by Terézia Halamová, adds depth to the track's narrative, depicting a protagonist on a quest for self-discovery amidst the chaos of life.

“The song ‘Not Go Home’ evokes in me a feeling of some kind of hopeful loneliness. It has a very flowing but heavy mood, and the soft vocals blend beautifully with the naivety and longing for constant movement. So for the music video, I thought it was appropriate to choose a slow paced build up, but one that follows the main character who is on a quest for something. Whether it's a liberation from the repetitive rhythm of life, a particular person, or a longing for a breath of fresh air.”

Watch the video for 'Not Go Home' below:

As Aves charts their course through the ever-changing landscape of existence, "Transformations" serves as both a reflection of personal struggles and a beacon of hope. Through their music, the band invites listeners to embrace change, recognising that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Check it out now.

Stream 'Transformations' in full here:


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