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Emily Davis embarks on a transformative musical journey with their latest EP, "Living in the Past Tense." Shedding the fear of conforming to expectations and embracing the freedom of catharsis, Davis presents a collection of deeply introspective and brutally honest songs. Produced by Scott Hallquist of punk band Ten Foot Pole, this EP serves as a platform for Davis to peel back protective layers and delve into their lived experiences with unabashed transparency.

Previously known for their solo work and contributions to alt-folk-punk band Emily Davis and The Murder Police, as well as folk duo Cult Loveless, Davis has now entered a new phase in their musical career. "Living in the Past Tense" showcases a shift towards personal reflection and unfiltered expression. We sat down with Davis to learn more about the EP, what inspires them, and much, much more exclusively for FLEX!


Hey Emily, how are you doing today?

I’m good. Me and my friend Javier are currently on our way to Albuquerque for the first stop of my tour.

Do you have a typical songwriting process? What comes first?

My songwriting process varies. Sometimes a song starts with a lyric, other times with a riff.

How would you describe your sound and how has it evolved over time?

My sound has grown increasingly aggressive over the years. I love fast rhythms and belt-y vocals. That said, the songs on this new EP are a bit more tame. I think that’s probably reflective of the contemplative mood covid forced upon us all.

We love your EP “Living in the past Tense.” When did you write these songs and what do they mean to you?

I wrote the songs off the EP over the course of the last few years. The oldest song, Phantom Limb, was written at the end of 2020. The newest, You Used to Believe In Me was written a week before I went into the studio to record. I’m proud of the varied sounds and moods this collection of material covers. There’s a heavier electrified song, a stripped down live performance, songs with synth, songs without. I played all the instruments on You Used to Believe In Me (electric, acoustic, drums, bass) so I think that’s a proud moment for me as well.

Stream 'Living In The Past Tense' here:

Who are your biggest influences?

I was raised on southern rock (CCR, Allman Brothers, ZZ Top) so that’s definitely left its mark. I also love folk songwriters like Cat Stevens and Paul Simon. Punk rock has played a heavy influential role for me as well.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I’m madly in love with my husband and I look forward to many years of songwriting and traveling together.

You cross genres with your music, forming your own. How would you describe your sound?

It’s a mishmash of 90s alternative and acoustic folk, with a dash of punk rock here in there.

Do you have a career highlight?

Forming my two bands, (1) Emily Davis and The Murder Police and (2) Cult Loveless.

Lastly, sum up your EP for us in three words!

Something entirely different.


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