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  • Paul Riley

Jupiter Grey Stuns With New Single "From 80's With Love"

Following the impressive release of “Is It Ever The Same” earlier this year, fast-rising independent UK artist Jupiter Grey has returned with his brand-new single, “From 80’s With Love”. The track is the fourth single to be taken from Jupiter’s upcoming debut album, FIRES ON THE MOON, which is due for release 19th November.

“From 80’s With Love” continues Jupiter’s love of merging experimental and futuristic sounds with retro ‘80s influences. Tying this all together with his enthralling vocals and vulnerable lyrics, Jupiter has once again raised his own bar and taken his sound to impressive new heights. Lyrically, the track delves into yearning for love and the emotions involved when left without it, and the juxtaposition between such emotive lyrics and the track’s entrancing production ensures “From 80’s With Love” is a memorable listen.

Speaking more on the new release, Jupiter says, “I was in the studio with my producer VagueEightySix, and he played me the production. I was in a weird mood that day, so the production lifted my spirits but the words that I started writing weren't so positive. The song is about being in a relationship and realising that you’re missing the most important thing that’s needed, which is love. The lyrics are a conversation I had with myself about never really feeling good enough and loved.”

Impressing with its distinctive soundscape and expertly highlighting Jupiter’s continued brilliance of pushing typical R&B genre conventions to the maximum, “From 80’s With Love” looks set to prolong what has already been a brilliant year for him. And with debut album FIRES ON THE MOON on the way, he’s only just getting started.

“From 80’s With Love” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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