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Kaelin Ellis drops special jazz infused album 'THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL'

Kaelin Ellis is a multi instrumentalist who is catching the eyes of the jazz world and way beyond. Forming a unique combination of funk, electronic and hip-hop music and everything in between, Ellis has made his own lane entirely in the industry. His new album 'THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL' is everything aforementioned and more, in 14 tracks of pure transcendent multi-genre joy.

Standout tracks are 'CATS GROOVE', which is a funky upbeat track full of surprises and creativity at every twist and turn. You can certainly hear Anderson .Paak influences in what is an instrumentally brilliant piece of music. 'LIL BIT' then shows the complete other side to Ellis, in a slow moving hip-hop track with electronic elements intertwined. With collaborations such as Carrtoons, The Kount, CS Armstrong, and a handful of others, it's an album full of exploration and potency. Check it out now.

Listen to 'THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL' here:


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