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LEMZI releases multi-disciplined rap album 'OUTLIERS'

LEMZI embodies everything a multi-faceted artist is in the modern day. A visionary, musician, entrepreneur, podcast host, event organiser, tastemaker, youth mentor, and consultant, LEMZI has unveiled a never heard before musical project titled “OUTLIERS - A Creative Project By Lemzi”. First single 'Liberty' was played on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, showcasing his talent and unique sonic exploration that he delves into.

There's moments of solace and vibes in 'Liberty' that is more of a dance pop tune compared to other tracks on the album. “Bill Dis.!?” featuring Monifé and Ferns, which sees LEMZI questioning his choice regarding the kind of folks he chills with and the romantic number “Gemini Spirit” which sees the artist caught in a romantic web with a lady who has another man in her life. The CP includes guest appearances by Léloo, Hayreezy & LESiA on “Liberty”, Miss Dionne on “Good Grief”, and Dre9 on the groovy and soulful love medley “Bagel Shop Love''.

"It’s a concoction of pandemic times, relationship grievances, finding forms of mindfulness, serendipitous meetings, and alternative, creative ways of expression. The first song written here was “Mad Journey” and the second was “The Slump”, within 2 months of each other. Very different headspaces in quick succession. Everything else came as & when it felt appropriate.”

There is so much to love about LEMZI and his immaculate presentation of modern, melancholic pop rap with a difference. Check it out now.

Stream 'OUTLIERS' in full here:


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