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Live Video Premiere: A Review of HIGH FADE' - 'Burnt Toast & Coffee'

High Fade's "Burnt Toast & Coffee": A Sensational Funk and Disco Experience

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, the sensational funk and disco trio known as High Fade has once again set dance floors ablaze with their latest release, 'Burnt Toast & Coffee'. Combining unparalleled musical talent, an infectious style, and an unwavering drive, High Fade has captured the hearts of a global audience. In just six months since their debut, they have amassed over 30 million views and streams, receiving support from notable music platforms and even garnering recognition from music heavyweights like Jack Black, Cypress Hill, and Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine.

'Burnt Toast & Coffee' encapsulates High Fade's signature style and undeniable energy, which resonates powerfully on a live stage. The track's creation was a collaborative process, with an earworm guitar part, slamming drums, and a filthy bass line serving as its foundation. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and stories, High Fade has crafted a tale that connects with people from all walks of life. The infectious hook, 'Burnt Toast & Coffee' emerged during a rehearsal session, adding a memorable twist to the track's name.

What truly sets High Fade apart is their unmatched live energy and infectious style, honed through street shows and busking. Despite being a three-piece band, their performances consistently surpass expectations, delivering an impressive musical display. High Fade draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, incorporating the soulful sounds of John Legend and Barry White, as well as the classic rock vibes of bands like Kiss and Motley Crue. This unique blend of funk and disco creates an unforgettable experience for audiences.

High Fade returned to London, this time supporting Thumpasauraus for their final UK show before returning back to the USA. Upon returning to a hyped up London crowd Harry, Oli & Calvin recorded the full live show for you to enjoy!

Tracklist: 00:00 Intro 01:54 Airplane Mode 05:44 Scorpion 10:00 Dwee Ba Ba 13:35 Take Me To The Floor 17:11 Interlude 18:41 Gossip 21:26 Drum Solo 22:45 Burnin' 27:25 Burn't Toast & Coffee 31:04 Fur Coat 37:20 Sharpen Up 43:11 Lifes To Fast, Lifes To Slow

High Fade's talent has not gone unnoticed by music industry heavyweights. Emeli Sandé, who previously collaborated with the band on the release of 'Scorpion' in 2019, praised their virtuosity, musicality, feel, and rhythm. Glenn Hughes, the bass player from Deep Purple, also expressed admiration for the band's musical prowess, referring to them as "absolute diamonds." With such esteemed endorsements, High Fade's rise to prominence is undeniable.

Comprised of Harry Valentino (guitar/vocals), Oliver Sentance (bass), and Calvin Davidson (drums/vocals), High Fade thrives in the presence of a crowd, a dance floor, and eager partygoers. Their packed gig diary includes dates across the UK and Scotland throughout the summer, as well as an eagerly anticipated US tour in October alongside The Cat Empire. To further solidify their success, the band has signed with the leading US booking agency, Wasserman, and landed partnerships with renowned brands like Ernie Ball, Blackstar Amps, and Suhr Guitars.

In a move that highlights their artistic control and creative direction, High Fade has launched their own label, RPN Records. This independence allows the band to plan monthly singles for the foreseeable future, keeping their fans eagerly awaiting new releases. Additionally, High Fade has an upcoming official remix for 'Sharpen Up', featuring interpretations from Opolopo and Oden & Fatzo. This collaboration showcases the band's passion for electronic music and opens doors for their sound to reach house and disco DJs worldwide.

High Fade's 'Burnt Toast & Coffee' solidifies their position as a powerhouse in the funk and disco scene. Their musical brilliance, unmatched live performances, and industry recognition have propelled them to the forefront of the global music landscape. With an exciting US tour alongside The Cat Empire on the horizon and their upcoming release 'Fur Coat' generating anticipation, High Fade's ascent shows no signs of slowing down. Keep an eye on this extraordinary trio as they continue to conquer dance floors worldwide.


  • 24th March Virgin Hotels Opening Party (Richard Branson in attendance)

  • 7th April Hootannany - Brixton

  • 8th April Domino Club - Leeds

  • 9th & 22nd April Box - Glasgow

  • 11th April, 2nd, 9th May Stramash Residency (WEEKLY)

  • 13th & 27th April, 3rd & 19th May Whistlebinkies

  • 14th April Inverness Fox & Hound

  • 29th April YOTEL - Edinburgh

  • 13th May Kendal Brewery Festival

  • 20th May Three Sisters

  • 2nd June Fyne Festival

  • 10th June Doolin Folk Festival

  • 13th June Oerol Festival

  • 16th June Matt & Phreds - Manchester

  • 17th June Thumpasaurus Support, Hootanannys - London

  • 1st July Kelburn Garden Party

  • 8th July Esk Fest

  • 21st July Secret Garden Party

  • 30th July Brewery Arts Festival - Kendal

  • 11th August Boomtown Festival

  • 12th August Humber Street Sesh

  • 26th August Harley Davidson Flag Ship Show

  • October/November 19 date US tour - supporting Cat Empire


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