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Martial Simon & Narissa combine to create intoxicating dance pop single '10 to 5'

Martial Simon, a trailblazer in the 2023 music scene, continues his exhilarating streak with "10 to 5." Boasting a track record of hits, each surpassing 200K+ streams on Spotify, Martial Simon has solidified his presence in the industry. Collaborating with Narissa, known for the hit "Boss Bae" and collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, their synergy sets the stage for the inspiration behind this thrilling new single.

"10 to 5" emerges as an original follow-up, offering a vivid portrayal of the classic myth versus reality in the realm of dating. It serves as a love crush battle cry for those who have encountered the twists and turns of romantic disillusionment. The track delves into the deeply relatable theme of the dichotomy between initial attraction and the subsequent unveiling of truth, guiding listeners through the unmasking of a potential partner's charms by seeing past the facade of intrigue and passion.

Impeccably merging Martial Simon's energetic, club-ready essence and style with the smooth, captivating vocal textures contributed by Narissa, "10 to 5" creates a harmonious blend. The track effortlessly balances the realms of deep house and tech house, showcasing the collaborative prowess of the two artists. This dynamic combination results in a proper club-fueled track poised to ignite mixes and dance floors around the world.

With its infectious beats, seamless production, and a narrative that resonates with the universal theme of love's complexities, "10 to 5" boasts all the hallmarks of a dancefloor anthem. Martial Simon and Narissa have once again demonstrated their ability to craft music that not only captures emotions but also sets the stage for a global dance sensation.

Stream "10 to 5" here:


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