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merry poppins releasing stunning electro-pop single 'cloudin'

merry poppins (aka Tom Esterly) is an all-round modern day producer and artist. He has collaborating with others for years and has quickly found himself working with some of the biggest artists in pop; SIA, Ashe and Yo Gotti to name a few. However, he has now decided to release his own fresh batch of material, starting with a double release in 'cloudin' + 'nananana'.

Combining his many fruitful influences ranging from R&B, funk and soul, he works with alternative artist Island Police on 'cloudin', and it is an impressive, hypnotic track that takes on so many different levels throughout. There's a constant swirling electronic synth line that stays afloat, giving Island Police the room to showcase his vocal talents, all whilst there being an almost hip-hop/trap beat in the background. It's mightily interesting and genre bending from merry poppins, with surely a lot more ahead of him in the near future.

Listen to 'cloudin' + 'nananana' here:

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