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REVIEW: Ci Majr - 'Summer Drug'

Atlanta’s Ci Majr is making us crave the warmer months in her newest slice of impeccable pop ‘Summer Drug’.

Sun-soaked and carefree, the track is brimming with infectious hooks, futuristic synths and a deliciously grungy beat - the buoyant tempo and shimmering production a contrast to the incentive behind the song's message. Inspired by the complexities of modern day break-ups and struggling to learn to love again, Ci Majr lays it all bare in the candid lyrics, using the jovial melody as a playful metaphor to the highs and lows of summer romances.

The relatability of the track is one many can understand, as Ci explains - “Lyrically the inspiration was being in a place where you basically refuse to make yourself romantically vulnerable even though you've met a person who has boyfriend/girlfriend potential. I think a lot of us have been in a place where we've been hurt from a relationship and have a hard time opening up again, so even when a good thing comes around you keep them at an arm’s length to keep yourself from getting hurt. So this song is saying ‘yes, you can absolutely satisfy my physical needs but we're not taking it further than that’; likening ‘using’ someone for their body just like you'd use a drug of some sort.”

Having established herself in 2016 with her debut hit single ‘Cuffin SZN’, Ci went on to work with a multitude of artists and producers, honing her skills to distinguish her own personal flair. With her highly anticipated EP Side Effects dropping later this year, ‘Summer Drug’ is the perfect teaser until then.



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