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REVIEW: Cigarette Social Club - DIY

Riotous Birmingham-based four-piece Cigarette Social Club are making their voices heard in their brand new EP, DIY. Led by the stunning single, Sequel, this gritty gargantuan is putting these newcomers on the map. Speaking on the single, the quartet shared: “Sequel structurally reflects the twists and turns that relationships pose, questions on the reality of love and doubting your feelings and thoughts.”

Raising the temperature with the infectious Helicopter, this dirty bass driven track stands out in stark contrast with the EP closer, Spaceman, recorded live at the Gloucester Guildhall. Stripped back to it's delightful basics, this unmissable track puts the emphasis fully on the gritty-yet-delightful vocals.

Putting a modern indie-infused take on the classic rock ‘n’ roll attitude and sound we all adore, Cigarette Social Club are quickly becoming this generation's loveable rogues.

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