• tiffany3008

REVIEW: POULISH KID - I Hate You But I Love You A Bit More

POULISH KID is coming into February with a track that is certain to keep a smile plastered on your face as you dance around to this high-energy track. I Hate You But I Love You A Bit More is a track that belongs in the clubs with everyone screaming along at the top of their lungs.

The track boasts moody lyrics but there’s not a beat you won’t want to dance to - with the production style and vocals meshing together in order to create something truly unique for the listener - I’m excited to see what’s to come next on POULISH KID's journey.

This contrast of the alternative vocal stylisation vs the heavy digital production throughout lines up with his mission to a tee, which he has said is to ‘combine and offset unique sounds that stir up different emotions’ in his listeners.

POULISH KID commented that the song represents “that feeling when you’re having a bad day for what seems like no apparent reason at all?” This narrative is portrayed with ease throughout the song, with the chorus echoing ‘don’t know why I hate you, bu bu but love you a bit more’.

This release showcases POULISH KID at his pop-rock-alternative finest and I have a feeling that the more we see of him, the better he’s gonna get.