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REVIEW: Ray Dawn - Plush

Going from strength-to-strength, Atlanta based up-and-coming artist Ray Dawn has dropped his first single of 2021, with the funk infused Hip-Hop track ‘Plush’.

The track itself is a refreshing listen, not confined to just one genre 'Plush' features a chilled Funk brass section alongside the traditional Hip-Hop beats and flows. Yet again Ray Dawn has showcased his phenomenal storytelling skills as he pulls the listener right into the track alongside him.

“I wrote 'Plush' shortly after purchasing my dream car in California. Sometimes I have to pinch myself - the life I’m living is everything I dreamed about as a kid. Lots of sacrifice went into manifesting this future. Though I’m cozier than ever, the work is never over.”

Ray Dawn has been steadily releasing a string of high quality tracks since his debut in 2017, each and every track a step up from it predecessor. With his sound maturing and evolving with every release, we are perched on the edge of our seat to see what is next for this emerging artist.

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