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SHE 1 • HIM 2 New Dance Release: ‘Stuck Inside’

Independent Cleveland based alternative electronic duo - She 1 · Him 2, have released their second single of 2022 - featuring graphics by Steven Archer of ‘Stoneburner’ and ‘Ego Likeness’.

Stuck Inside’ maintains a theme around the notion of negative thought patterns and adhering to them - becoming bad habits that drag us down. The track represents an artistic journey of realisation; individual freedom relies upon breaking toxic routines and just letting go.

"It’s an eerie effect, seeing disembodied heads singing in a zooming cyberspace. There are TRON-like elements, visualizing the data that appears in our consciousness at light speed."



The igniting duo combines darkwave rocker and former Lestat front-man, Evan Nave with Cassie Bishop of Shy Moon. Accompanying their recent release, the electronic twain set new limits with a cover of Bowie's 'Fame'.

Channeling the likes of Ladytron, Giorgio Moroder, and Big Data, She 1 · Him 2 has captured the attention of, ReGen Magazine, and Darker Side of Music. Collaborating with Grammy Award Winning Producer Michael Seifert (Tori Amos, and Paul Simon), ‘Stuck Inside’ awakes an groovy sound unlike any of the curators’ past work. Relevant rhetoric around equality, equity, and fun, has proven these topics to be fundamental in a post-pandemic world. This age has resulted in a long-distance approach when producing the track, utilizing an synthesised sound unlike previous releases; ‘Split the Line’ and ‘Spoken Words to Light’.

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