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TWO LANES release mesmerising electronic single 'Movement'

An electronic duo who gave taken the world by storm, TWO LANES are on the verge of releasing one of the most highly anticipated debut albums in electronica for quite some time. This innovative brother pairing create electronic music for the soul, that innovates and transports you to another place entirely. They now share their final single before the album, the mesmerising 'MOVEMENT'.

Melancholic and truly in their own lane (no pun intended), there is a hypnotic and transcendent aura that continues to surround Two Lanes, and the same is present here. No vocals on this track really highlight the duo's production and their spine tinging presentation of electronic music.

“Movement’ is part of our live set and we have played it out many times throughout our tour last year. It is always one of our favourite moments when we perform it because some parts offer room for improvisational moments where we can play a synth voice and effects live. It is also the last single before our debut album will be out.”

It's clear that TWO LANES are becoming pioneers of their own sound and therefore influencing a whole other branch of this ever expanding genre, and 'MOVEMENT' is just another blissful example of why these two are here, and here to stay.

Stream 'MOVEMENT' in full here:


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